The highest integrity

I love my wife Amy, photography and people!

I hold myself to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the industry. Put me to the test, and you'll see.

About Us

Simply put, my mission is devoted to you--when I sit down with you and I here, "Is that really me?", then I know I've done my job!

It's always about you

Bill "Doc" Scott

Come in anytime and talk to Bill "Doc".  I'd love to discuss what ideas you've already had in mind. 

I believe your partner should make you laugh, hysterically, at least once a day (but more is preferable)

I believe gifts are best given randomly, instead of only on holidays or birthdays

I believe your family is those you choose, not just those related to yo

I believe low fat and/or sugar free ice cream is pointless

I believe having a conversation with my dog is completely acceptable

I believe hugs are better than handshakes

Some of the best nights involve picking up some greasy Chinese food and having dinner on the couch

I believe striking up a conversation with a stranger is always a good idea

I believe relationships are worth all the hard work and not so fun times, because nothing worth having comes easy

My Mission